Shashi Tharoor Sunanda Murder Case

Arnab Goswami’s new TV channel Republic TV released audio tapes accusing Indian politician and Shashi Tharoor’s involvement in his wife Sunanda Pushkar murder.

Sunanda Pushkar murder case is being discussed on Republic TV

A total of 19 audio tapes are being aired on news channel. At the 9pm prime time discussion, Arnab was heard saying, “the nation wants to know” the catch-phrase popularized by Arnab when he was a news anchor at Times Now channel.
Republic TV’s news editor Prema Sridevi talked to Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar hours before she was allegedly murdered. During their conversation, Sunanda Pushkar the wife of Shashi Tharoor asked the journalist to meet her and she was eager to share some information. But when Ms.Prema reached at the Leela Palace hotel, Ms.Prema was not allowed to meet Mrs.Sunanda Puskar. Hours later Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar was reported murdered. The news channel also reported that Ms.Prema Sridevi gave her statement in written to the Police.

Mr.Shashi Tharoor was not immediately available for comment. According to Arnab Goswami Mr.Shahsi Tharoor is on the run the moment when they went live with the news. He claims that five of his journalists are chasing Mr.Shashi Tharoor.

*Update: Mr.Tharoor made the following statement on Twitter

I am angered that someone would exploit a human tragedy for personal gain & TRPs. I challenge him to prove his false claims in a court of law.
-Shashi Tharoor

Doctor Sudheer Guptha who did the autopsy also appeared on the TV channel. According to Dr.Guptha, Mrs.Sunanda Pushkar was not suffering from any major illness that could have lead to her death and she was poisoned to death.

Tennesse governor signs bill on sex education

Tennessee governor, Bill Halam clears the gay bill amidst huge controversies

The bill has led too nationwide criticism and comedian Stephen Colbert made fun of it on Colbert Report television show saying that everything related to sex should be banned including kissing and hugging.

However, those who favored the law, stated that the bill would support the existing abstinence-only-sex-education policy.

According to the new law, teachers or any educator in Tennesse may face a fine if found promoting “gateway sexual activities.”

Family Action Council of Tennessee’s president David Fowler brought forth the bill. He stated that the new law does not prohibit kissing or holding hands in sex-education classes rather it addresses touching of genitals and other body parts that lead to sex.

The bill was crossed through both the Senate 28-1 and the House 68-23 during their legislative sessions.

The ambiguous language used in the bill might confuse many people, said an opponent. Fowler however defended the bill saying, it needed to mention in detail owing to many incidents during sex-education classes when teachers were describing about alternate sexual practices for satisfaction without risking pregnancy or any disease.



NATO condemns Russian threat to launch attack

The threat by Russia to launch pre-emptive strikes in some NATO facilities in Europe is unjustified according to NATO. The organization said that they do not pose any security threat to Russia.

The organization has maintained that the anti missile shield was put in place to protect their member countries from possible attack by Iran. The Russian federation is saying that the system is a threat because it undermines its nuclear facilities.

Russia gave the warning as Vladimir Putin returns to the presidency of the country next week. The chief of staff in Russia said that the country could carry out a preemptive attack on the installations.

Reacting to the statement, NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen said that the attack was unjustified. The secretary was reacting after he has discussed with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He maintained that the missile defense system was not meant to threaten Russia, adding that the organization has provided that information to Russia. He said that NATO has no intention to attack Russia.

He said that NATO has in the past invited Russia to be part of the missile defense saying that they have the same defense interests. He said that NATO and Russia have made a pact 15 years ago which meant they could not undo each other.

Obama to create 110,000 jobs for US youths

The President of United States of America Barack Obama is to create 110,000 jobs for youths this summer. This is a decision that could boost the chances of the president among the youths in November elections.

This is an initiative which the president is partnering with cities of San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia. The initiative is to create 110,000 jobs, in addition to the mentorships and internships which would amount to 180,000 works during this summer. The people who are likely to benefit from this are 16-24 year old youths.

The program would make it possible for some government agencies such as the Department of Education and some programs like the Blue Shield Association as well as the Blue Cross, UBS, Johnson and Johnson to provide paying jobs for the youths as well as mentorships. They are also to provide other training programs for the youths.

The size of the unemployed youths in the country always increases between April and July. This is because of the students in colleges and high schools look for jobs during this period of the year. The president is trying to address this problem by this new initiative.

US shows concern over water scarcity

Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State is looking forward to announce a new public-private initiative in order to discuss about water issues which may have an effect on the whole world in future. Intelligence of US reported President Barack Obama that fresh water will be very scarce by the end of 2040. Adding to it, lack of fresh water in the world will lead to political instability, disturbance in economic growth and in world food markets.

It was reported by the Director of National Intelligence that some parts of the world such as South Asia, Middle East and North Africa will be the leading regions that will face the scarcity. These regions may face serious problems in coping with fresh water problem. Economists of US have predicted that there might be “water war” among some nations by the end of 2030. For the betterment, they have advised that all countries, whether developed or underdeveloped, need to follow the policy of sustainable use of fresh water and recycling it.

US State Department, on behalf of Barack Obama, has requested a report from US Intelligence in order to see and analyze that how water problem might lead to climate change and this climate change will affect US and its national security.

US concerned about water scarcity in future

UN chief reviews Grisly reports on Syria

Things do start heating up in Syria as the UN General Secretary; General Ban Ki-Moon had a realistic view of actually what the conditions were prevailing in Syria.

The UN General Secretary, Mr. Ban who fled from the city of Homs the past week states that Syrian troops were on a rampage to hunt down a mutiny that lay opposed to the President, Mr. Bashar al-Assad.

The news from the opposition was very astonishing which stated that the Syrian troops continued the event of non-stop bombarding for about weeks and a hunting game still continues to prevail in the area which is occupied by the rebel groups.

The event actually started off as a peaceful movement which was inspired from ‘Arab Spring’ but along with time it took a nasty shape and special thanks to the Government’s reaction to this protest.  According to Ban the event was one of the most cunning and vividly thought over event where the home government is violent to its own people. Added to it, the ICRC President, Mr. Jacob Kellenberger also attached that people who had been injured during the incident had not received any medical assistance during such phase.

Syria likely to face Bosnia- style war in future

The issue of Syria has gained much attention after the massacre that took place in Homs. The event saw brutal slaughtering and punishment to the rebel groups along with heavy bombarding for weeks through tanks which took place on the permission of the President, Bashar al-Assad.

However, close observers do have a different view to this event. A very possible outcome of the event may come in form of Bosnia-style war where civilians strike back at the Government after a span of time when they are assaulted by the Government. Past incidents of such civil revolts came in form of revolutions which took place in Egypt and Tunisia.

Experts do believe that the assault of Assad and chaos in Homs is merely the beginning rather than concluding it as a win from the Government’s side as it has only ignited the mass that are uncouth answers in reply to its destruction faced.

Reports conveyed that about a thousand people have faced injuries and died in the assault. Assad’s conspiracy is unveiled when mass troops are employed to curtail the rebel but the impression is shown to protect the local people from the heavily armed gangs.

Syria refutes to establish Peace in Middle East

Damascus has rejected regional efforts of establishing peace by blaming entire global community conspiring against, Syrian minister stated that the government would continue suppressing any uprising by force.

Foreign minister, Walid al-Moallem, reiterated Syrian administration’s determination to combat any attack on national integrity and safety of its people.

According to the reports by activists protesting against government, Syria has reached in a condition of civil war due to government’s oppressive policies.

Activists also revealed that more than 68 Syrians have been killed demonstrating against the government.

Conflict between regional and Western forces  did not reach for any common solution to Syrian crisis.Efforts to implement the Arab League’s proposal have raised tensions in the region whereas global pressure to stop killing has yet not shown any impact on the oppressive Syrian ruler President Assad.

The regional body is also seeking for UN Security Council’ help to pressurize Syrian government for a peaceful dialogue with opposition forces and accept transfer of power to a unity government.

However the global community remains divided over the UN debacle. Russia has continued supporting the Syrian government with its arm supply and this was severely criticized by the West though none of UN member mentioned Russia directly.

Zardari to flee back from Pakistan fearing military coup

Pakistan again puts itself in political turmoil. Pak President Asif Ali Zardari’s sudden and silent exit with medical excuses had already gained too much noise and experts had started speculating another military coup in the country.

However, even the US administration denied reports of possibility of military coup. Pakistani officials have so far continued reiterating their statements about Zardari’s absence for medical reasons. His comeback to attain his wife and former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s death anniversary put a stop to all the rumors but to revamp again when the news spread that Zardari would go off the borders again.

According to observers, Zardari came back with confusions over situations in Islamabad or at least he underestimated them. Zardari returned back to Pakistan following a talk between prime minister Yousuf Raja Gilani and Army chief Ashfaq Kayani. The Pak officials also claimed that there was a talk between Zardari and Kayani during the same meeting.

This meeting followed a statement by the army chief given to the Supreme Court, in which he accepted that President Zardari had sent a secret memo to Washington citing the fears of military coup.

However, the army stated that there was nothing discussed regarding all these in the talk between Zardari and Kayani over phone and the call was limited to an inquiry over the president’s health. The army added that the call mere lasted a minute.

Govt report says California registers lower homicide rate in 2010

According to a report by California homicide rate in the state has declined appreciably by7.8 percent in 2010 due to reduction in crime and improvements in administration. This is lowest homicide rate in the state so far since 1966.

California is the most populous state of the United States, however due to high crime rate–4.7 per 100,000 population. According to a statement issued by the California Department of Justice, the present rate is much lower than that of 2009 i.e. 5.1.

Many cities in California have registered lesser murders and drug and gang violence such as Los Angeles. According to an FBI report, the United States witness 14, 748 murders in the country in 2010 which is about 4.2 percent lower than previous year’s crime rate in the country.

However, despite a decline of 8 percent in crime rate since 2001, crime experts consider this just a matter of statistics and do not agree to the state government report that the law and administration conditions have improved in California.

The experts cited that the economic conditions are worsening and this is likely to increase crime rate rather than decreasing it. Researchers said that the predictions of a positive correlation between crime rates and worsening economic conditions have proved wrong, as despite sluggish economic recovery, California has succeeded in controlling crime rates.