Thailand Flood 2013

Yet another flood in Thailand. The 2011 flood in this South East nation was a huge disaster that affected the countries economy very badly. The heavy rain fall this year has resulted rivers overflowing and reservoirs reaching their maximum capacity. The 2013 flood in Thailand already taken 30 lives.Thailand 2013
The provinces of Prachinburi, Prachantakham and Kanchanaburi are the most affected with Prachinburi being the worst hit. Most of the villages and inundated. Even the industrial estate are flooded.

5th October, 2013: The Paska Jolasid dam reached its maximum capacity and residents near the dam are warned against potential flood. With more water expected to reach the Paska Jolasid dam from Lopburi dam, the water lever at Paska Jolasid is expected to rise up to 1 meter. If this happens Ayutthaya province is going to be flooded.
Meanwhile the authorities are ruling out any possibility of the capital Bangkok getting flooded in 2013. The old airport at Don Meuang was heavily flooded in 2011. According to Bangkok post report, the Airport ready for floods with a 13km long flood wall and 12 water pumping stations.