One Billion iPhones


ToolsApple sold it’s one billionth iphone roughly after 9 years after they introduced their most successful products. It is an great achievement by any technology company in 21st century. However Apple’s crossed this milestone while their sales are declining. According to latest reports iphone sales are down by 15%, while Apple’s nearest rival Samsung is still growing.

According to the research data published by garter in february, 2016 Samsung is now the number 1 brand in the over sales of mobile phones followed by Apple Inc and Huawei. With other Chinese phone manufacturers trying to capture more market share, Apple really need to up their game with better design and unique features to keep the iphone sales high.

Steve Job’s death makes Apple’s future uncertain

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of AppleInc and former CEO of the company dies on Wednesday fighting with pancreatic cancer for a long time.

Creating numerous seminal electronics products, Jobs gave a new shape and definition to many industries. His company Apple became a$350 billion worth tech empire.

All over world, he was known as the greatest CEO of any company so far who positioned Apple on the top for several decades ahead. Before resigning, Steve Jobs handed the company to its operations chief Tim Cook in August, still Job’s death leaves many questions in front of the gizmo empire


Many experts doubt if Apple can continue the same miracle of success without Jobs. Steve Jobs had always kept every bit of product development process under his scrutinyBe it the iPhone or the Macintosh, the iPod, or the iPad, all show his capability of unique designing.

Investors’ and consumers’ faith in Apple is not affected despite Job’s resignation. While Job was busy in his treatment since January, there was no clear indication who would take the leadership in Apple. Though Cook has taken Job’s responsibilities everyone believes Steve Jobs had no comparison in terms of brilliance. Cook’s first big production launched on Tuesday did not get that warm recognition and investors fear if they are going to lose their money by retaining their association with Apple.

Apple to offer iPhone 3GS for free, says analyst

iPhone GL Full Rez
Image by andyi
I’m VERY impressed with the quality of the iPhone’s camera. I noticed that the pix I’d emailed to Flickr directly from the phone had been downsampled to 640×480 (boo). So I imported them into iPhoto (the phone appears as a photo source).

This doesn’t look cameraphone-ey at all; this looks like a very credible shot from a vintage 2 MP camera. Straight from the iPhone, no enhancement or correction.

Apple to offer iPhone 3GS for free, says analyst

Following the anticipated launch of the iPhone 5, Apple will offer customers the iPhone 3GS at no charge and the iPhone 4 for , claims RBC’s Mike Abramsky.
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Apple’s iOS 4.3.3 is out with location tracking fixes for iPhone, iPad

The last is yet to be heard about the ongoing controversy concerning location tracking by apple iphone products. The manufacturers of the iphone apple have made available the updated iphone operating system which seeks to provide further insight into the location tracking controversy.

The iOS 4.3.3 software is available in GSM iphone4 iphones through iTunes, it is also available in iphone 3GS, iPad products and in the fourth generation of the Ipod touch.

According to the notes that was released the iOS 4.3.3 minimizes the databases sizes and eliminates cache functionality when the device is connected to the computer; the entire cache is deleted when the location functionality of the device is off. It is possible that apple may have addressed the other bugs that are connected to the controversy.

It will be recalled that there was a controversy few weeks ago about location tracking capacity of iphone products by apple. The controversy was raised by two researchers who raised alarm that the 3 G facility in iphones can track down user’s location. The location tracker had never been an issue with iphone products until the release of one of the latest models of apple products which is iOS 4 some months ago which made some revelations about their locations.

Apple has tried to exonerate itself of any blame on the location tracking issue saying that the products do not track the users and transmit back to apple.

Congress probes Apple over iPhone tracking

US Congress is likely to obstacle Apple over technological transparency issues. According to legal experts, Apple is also likely to file a lawsuit regarding the same seeking justice.

Sen. Al Franken from a new privacy panel questioned Apple and asked to explain the reasons for tracking iPhone users’ locations.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will also investigate the matter and a senator from Washington State has declared to interrogate Apple on his own. Apple CEO Steve Jobs received a letter from Franken following a report by few British researchers, which revealed that iPhones and 3G iPads were tracking users’ location details by using iOS 4 logged.

The mechanism can detect up to 100 locations daily. The device collects data and stores in in an unencrypted SQLite file, which the company can easily retrieve from its back up synchronization on iTunes. The device owner can also save it, on computer that is supported with Windows PC or Mac.

The US privacy and security experts have raised concern in this regard citing the unencrypted data, which can easily be accessed by anyone who uses a Smartphone or tablet PC. If someone loses his mobile, it can pose danger to his privacy as the person who steals the phone can use it for wrong purpose.