Iranian crude murder plan against Saudi envoy shocks US

Iran plans to assassinate Saudi envoy to US

The US administration sought for explanation over proofs of Iran’s involvement in the murder plot against Saudi ambassador to the United States on Wednesday. The action has been severely criticized by foreign leaders and diplomats.

The US officials could not explain over their findings of Quds Force’s involvement as this would definitey tarnish the image of the unit which is part of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and is considered being one of the elite international operations.

Jay Carney, spokesperson of Obama government kept on saying that there were clear evidence of senior officials of Quds Forces’ participation in the assassination plan, however he did not say anything further.

Iranian authorities fiercely opposed the American accusation and called it a deliberate act to tarnish Iran’s image.

Meanwhile, the US officials revealed they were trying to establish reasons to justify what their findings prove and indicated that as Quds Force is a known hand in supplying arms to the insurgents and training them, the murder plot might be an outcome of Iran’s changing strategy toward Saudi Arabia and the United States. The move might also be a trial to create tension  and between the United States and Saudi Arabia and spoil their economic relations.

Veteran US diplomat Holbrooke passes away

Richard Holbrooke

Richard Holbrooke, an accomplished statesman for the United States known for his sharp understanding of international relations and politics, died at the age of 69.

The US State Department announced his demise in a statement on Dec 13 in Washington.

During his stint as a diplomat, Holbrooke had some unprecedented success to his name that no statesman could achieve in the United States. It was him who gave a new dimension to the diplomatic ties with China and also managed critical situation in Afghanistan.

Holbrooke was admitted in the hospital on Dec 10 and undergone a heart surgery. .While remembering his contributions to the US policies for Afghanistan, President Obama said that he was grateful to have a diplomat of Holbrooke’s calibre in his administration.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that Holbrooke had helped in shaping American history, managing complex international relations and  securing  better future for the people. “He will be remembered as a skillful diplomat, who was able to challenge dictators and fight for US interests even during critical hours,” she concluded.

Holbrooke had a vast experience as a statesman, who worked under four Democratic presidents, starting from Lyndon Johnson to Obama. People will never forget his vital role on Vietnam issue in the Johnson government. However, his best acclaimed work was ending the Bosnia war while working as a special mediator in the Clinton government.